One River, Many Experiences

knowledge, stewardship, and community

One Situk provides resources to encourage understanding and stewardship for the river. After all, there’s only One Situk.

together, we share in both the bounty and the responsibility of conserving the vitality of this river


welcome to the situk


welcome to yakutat

The Situk/Arhnklin/Lost River areas are the traditional lands of the Yakutat Teikweidí Brown Bear clan. The annual run of five species of salmon feeds us physically, provides us with an economic lifestyle that is unique, and nourishes us spiritually.

We have been stewards of this river for centuries. We still subsist on salmon as our ancestors have. The commercial fishery continues to economically support the community of Yakutat. Our children attend culture camp to practice their culture as their ancestors have. It is Haa Aani, sacred land. The Teikweidí and the other four Tlingit clans of Yakutat hope you enjoy your visit. We ask that you will continue to conserve the resource as well as continue to practice stewardship."

Inga Hanlon, Teikweidí Brown Bear Clan Mother


"Fish don't run every tide and not every day is a bonus day. The nets don't stretch far across the river and won't make a significant difference in your sport catch. When the commercial fishermen are catching, you will too."  

Bob Fraker, Owner and Guide for Yakutat Outfitters

One Situk is a community-based initiative to promote stewardship of the Situk River, supply information about the local fisheries and provide tools you can use while visiting Yakutat. We are an education project funded by the Yakutat Resource Advisory Committee under the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self Determination Act.