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Yakutat is a fishing town. For over a century, people have made their living fishing commercially on the Situk and neighboring waters.


Today, wild caught Yakutat salmon are revered for their quality by companies like Patagonia who source all of their smoked wild sockeye from the Situk. Yakutat Seafoods is locally operated and takes pride in processing and shipping out some of the freshest wild seafood on earth. 


Set-netting is the mainstay of the economy in Yakutat. The commercial set-net fishery is small, sustainably managed, and permit-based. Anyone who owns a Yakutat set-net permit may participate.There are 45-60 active permits on the Situk and the fishing fleet is almost entirely local. Fishermen make a modest income and support their families by participating in the summer set-net fishery.  It's a challenging, difficult and dangerous way to make a living due to the vagaries of the weather, the unpredictable nature of fish returns and market forces. But the rewards of this lifestyle are rich. Situk fishermen are part of a close-knit community that rely on each other for safety and support. Families work together in one of the most beautiful environments on earth.


The commercial set-net fishery is managed carefully for long term sustainability by Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

a century of tradition: commercial fishing


"Fish don't run every tide, they just don't. If you have a good run on one tide, don't expect the next tide to be as good or better--it's just not to be. When the nets are in the water and you aren't catching, chances are the commercial fishermen aren't either. And if they are catching, chances are you will be catching too."  


Geoff Widdows

Owner and Guide, Sea Raven Charters


Yakutat's salmon fishing fleet is almost entirely local. When you supplement your catch with our commercial fish, you help support the economy of this remote Alaskan town. 


You can purchase fish at one of several local processors, or from an authorized catcher/seller fisherman. Contact the local office of the ADF&G, for a current list of authorized sellers: (907) 784-3255.

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